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A Very Nice Christmas Present - NOT!

Hi Guys & Gals,

Just thought I'd let you all know about the nice little present I got yesterday on my way into work. Some idiot ignored a Give Way sign and drove into the side of my car. I ended up spending the day in hospital. Although battered and bruised, nothing was broken, but the car looks like it's a write off. Just need to hear from the insurance assessors to see what they think


Son Goku

No lover of dogma
:eek: Right in the drivers door too...

Other then that, it looks like a fairly new car... If they do write it off, hopefully you can get some good value with which to buy another...

Good your OK though ;)

Electronic Punk

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Yeah at least the back panel was intact those are costly to replace, seems to have nicked the frontpanel too, is there any folding or can it be popped off? Bottom might be scuffed too.

Door has obviouly had it but you may be able to get a new door at the scrappy and get it sprayed?

Or are you just gonna let their insurance take care of it all? I assume they stopped!

just got my door done, cost me £130 in the end, wasn't worth bothering with insurance (someone really hit it hard reversing out of the pub and didn't stop)
I think I'll leave it all down to the insurance and then let them claim from the third party. I know things aren't cheap for this car. When some one bumped into the back of it, it cost over £1100 for the bumber, lights, etc. The front panel is dented, the front lights are gone, front bumper, front wheel misaligned, windscreen smashed, airbags deployed, Roll Over Protection Deployed, and the door actually has a hole in it. That's gonna cost quite a bit to repair at dealer prices.

Although 5 years old, it was still worth at least £13000. I was actually in the process of selling it as well, so fingers crossed they will write it off :) I'll miss it though, it was a great car to drive.

But as my wife said, at least I managed to walk away from it with nothing broken, and thank heavens no one was in the passenger side.

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
hehe, I didn't check his location before posting; my bad :D Yeah I'm aware they drive on the other side of the road in the UK...

For a 5 year old car; you certainly seem to have kept it in good condition...looked rather new minus the accident...

Well good luck with insurance


In the beginning......
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Could be worse. I hit a deer which ran out in front of me and I had to claim on my own insurance. Not much point claiming on the deers! (if it had any :p)

Son Goku

No lover of dogma
Well, the insurance rates aren't so crapped up state side, and it only caused a couple thousand dollars damage to the front/right end; but I had a run in with a deer once.

Was heading to class before I moved out here, and it was about an hours drive away that night. Anyhow, was on state highway 17 heading towards Augusta, in the 55 mph zone there. A deer ran out towards me as I was slowing down veering over to the left. I was finally off into the left hand lane, and almost around it when a 16 wheeler came up the other way. I had but 2 choices, veer back and hit bambi, or get hit head on in a 55 mph zone by a big rig. I chose bambi...

Course I didn't make it to class that night, and had to use someoe elses phone to get stuff straightened out. My car was also in the shop for about a week or so; albeit all things said I don't think my insurance rates went up, and yes I had to claim it on mine. With the choice being bambi or a 16 wheeler, they were happy I chose bambi, as some peeps in the past have not... Besides those two, there was no other lane I could have gone...

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