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a Universal Plug-N-Play question

I know that UPNP is a dangerous service to have running on a computer...but...if you have it running on a computer that is sitting behind a router...is it still dangerous?
If you're talking about the SSDP Discovery Service (the one that enables your computer to discover UPnP devices on the network), I'm quite sure it shouldn't be much of a security threat. In fact, if you have a UPnP router, you should enable the service if you plan to use video-conferencing software or multiplayer games.
Enyo, you mention that the uPnP service could be useful to the user... in what way would it be useful exactly? I've always disabled it on the machines I've installed as I thought it was only needed for certain devices that required it?
It doesnt really look as if I would benefit from it tbh, so I'll leave it off on the pcs I got to save resources I think :)

Thx for the little explanation Enyo btw

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