a tree fell on my house last night


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We had some nasty weather here in Texas last night. There weren't actually any tornado sightings around my house, but winds were between 80-90 MPH! There's a huge ash tree in my backyard, and it fell on the roof of my house. The tree was uprooted! Considering its size, the damage could have been a whole lot worse. Only one of the large branches broke through the roof and busted in part of the ceiling, and the trunk itself never actually touched the side of the house. So not too bad considering, but pretty crazy though. Just thought I'd share my story, thanks for reading! :happy:


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Scary enough, my computer was about 15 feet away from where the tree came through. I had to get it out of the way quick so that it wouldn't get wet!

Jewelzz, Texas is a great place to live! Temperature changes are kind of odd at times, but weather like we had last night is very rare, unless you're up near Oklahoma. I hope that you're looking forward to it!


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I'll be about 30 mins SE of Dallas. Yes and no on looking forward to it. I'm moving away from my family, don't know a sole in TX :(
Just me and my dogs :huh:


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sorry to hear about your house, had that happen up here in N. Cali about a year and half ago. Except out tree was half dead and one very large branch landed on the house. No damage though but what a mess to clean up.