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A survey for gamers age 15-25 (Please participate everyone)


Masaki Ando

I am doing this for my science project. It is about surveys done on different age groups, about what kind of games they like. Gender makes no difference.
So please help me out and vote for your favourite category of games. (Applies to all PC/Mac/Console games)

I realized that this poll is very tightly packed together and I did not include several categories due to the message board restrictions, and I apologize for any inconvinences.

I would greatly appreciate any inputs on how to make this poll better.

There are more similiar polls coming but targeted at different age groups.

Also, since more samples are better, please recommend this post to anyone you know (with appropriate age group, of course).

Thank you very much for your help.


well i like sports, playing nhl2k3 now.
playing action now aswell. mafia
playing monopoly 3
waiting for racing game nfs hot persuit 2
card games.
strategy maybe roller coaster tychoon 2 soon?
I don't really play any video games that much. If I do, it's first person shooters, really old school things, or car sims.


Favs right now... RtCW-n-BF1942. Playing a little UT2K3 also. I almost cant believe it but I am actually foolin around with "The Sims" and it's scaring the crap out of me because I am finding it to be, well, sorta addictive!:rolleyes:



I'd have to say that Adventure games really shouldn't be coupled in the same catagory as Action and FPS's, games like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, the Quest games by Sierra and Syberia and so forth are radically different from Quake, UT and Mario brothers.
Adventures my thing, i'd rarely pass up an oppurtinity to 0wn though :), and realistic strategies I don't mind (Medieval: Total War)


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Hmm, I seem to remember asking that you only post this question once for all age groups instead of 5 or 10 different theads...interesting.


I may actually be insane.
i think that almost all PC Gamers will prefer FPS to other genres of gaming, its what a keyboard and mouse where made for (and the whole obligatory typing thing of course :p ) Racing games, Fighting Games and so forth are aimed more at console users, for use with joy pad's etc
(i know yuo can get joypads for PC, its just not the same tho :D )


the keyboard is a very bad thing. especially if u play nhl2k3 a lot, damn the fingers really hurt after couple of games :(

Masaki Ando

I am really sorry to cause troubles to the moderators...by posting too many polls...If I knew that 5 polls was too much I wouldn't have done it.

Again, I express my apologies.

Nevertheless, I would like to say thank you to those who participated in this poll.

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