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A spare hard disk ?



Okay, my father bought me a Compaq a while ago (yes, *sigh*).
I noticed there is a spare drive called "SYSTEM_SAV" on the drive letter D. I explored it, and I see nothing that I can comprehend.

Its capactiy is 10 gigabytes. It'd be nice to have an extra 10 gigabytes, so I ask if it's necessary for anything at all, and if so, what. If nothing, would it be okay to delete its contents and use it for whatever I'd like?


Like Catch23 said, it's for a system restore. There's a couple different versions of the cd's that come with Compaq's (that's how it was in the past anyway)...A laptop I worked on once wouldn't go into Windows and it seemed like I couldn't access the system partition either to restore, I ended up calling Compaq because I couldn't get the restore cd to run, they had to send a full system restore cd because the cd that came with the laptop was meant to work with the system partition. A desktop I worked on later on wouldn't run the system restore from the cd or the hard drive...called Compaq and they told me to run fdisk and delete all the partitions and let the cd setup the hard drive, sure enough that worked. I think they have to send you the full restore cd, if you find you ever need it...since hard drives do die!


hardware monkey
adre, drive d: is a second partition rather than a complete other drive. next time you reformat, you should run fdisk and delete all partitions and make one (primary dos) that will use 100% of the drive.

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