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A question about multiple monitors

this may be a silly question to ask...but I can get XP to span multiple monitors with a AGP and PCI card right? I guess that I answered my own question in that I already have an AGP card installed and running and I only have the one AGP slot on the motherboard...so the other card would have to be PCI...hmmm...just looking for input...:)
the card I have in here now is nVidia GeForce 2 MX 200 AGP....is there a PCI card that would complement this card or would any decent PCI card do the job?


the only decent choice would be an up-to-date PCI version of a popular card... like say a gefore 2 mx PCI

I had an ancient pci when i tired this, and im convinced the card was the source of alot of problems on that computer
Or, you could get a newer Geforce card that allows simultaneous display of two monitors. I'm not sure, but I think the GF2 series supported dual displays, but only one could be on at one time (I know my GF2 gts wouldn't do 2 at once).

I do know the GF4 Ti series (not sure about the MX) does support dual simultaneous displays.

I'm sure there's a comparable ATI card that will do the same thing, I just have no experience with them.

Have all one one card would be nice because you wouldn't need a PCI version as well.


i run a geforce mx400 or something, not down with hardware, all i know is i dont play games (coz i dont like em) i just use it for design purposes i get 1600x1200 (design screen) + 1024x768 (palette + testing screen). and it runs great!
dual head card, i wouldnt bother with a AGP + PCI, i cant give you a reason id go for the dual head

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