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First, this may seem like a stupid question and if it makes me look a little stupid then I apologise. I have recently installed Norton Internet Security and the firewall is working fine as it has told me of a few attempts at accessing my port. I am now starting to get a little p****d off with people trying to access me and, as I am also a mischeivious little git, have decided that if anyone tries it again I am going to flood them. That is my question "How do I flood people". I thought that it would be going to command prompt and pinging the ip address that Norton flashes up but when I try that I just get the "Request timed out" response.

Thanks in advance


I'm not going to tell you how to flood people because it serves no constructive purpose. If you really want to know you can find it easily enough.

Isn't there a way to automatically block all attempts (no more annoying popups)?


Limp Bizkit , like Insanity said its a waste of time , those attacks on your PC is probably nothing more than a website connecting to you :)

Just block incoming ping and forget about it :p
Ok. Thanks for taking the time to read & reply anyway. As I said it just narked me a little bit that someone may have been trying to access my PC. Perhaps I will just get off my soapbox. After all, I aren't the first and certainly won't be the last person this happens to.

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