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Somehow I've managed to splash some diesel fuel all over the fuel cap, which also ran down the side of my car. I've also got it on my hand when I was screwing the cap back on.

Does anyone know what's the best way I can clean it off my hands and off the fuel cap? Not sure if using detergent/soap is helping, think I can still smell it on my hand.

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don't know if it's legal on your area (a goat dirivitive) but if you can get your hands on a lanolin product that will be great

it it's not available go to an auomotive store and see what mechanics use to clean grease
What Carpo said.
When I was rebuilding my last car, I spent hours and hours with fuel and oils all over my hands, ended up being "burnt" by it - the skin on my fingers peeled off and went raw. Not very nice! But a little splash, whilst annoying, won't cause you or your car any damage. It's probably the most effective car cleaner there is, in small doses!

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