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A Little Confused - P4 2.4b Overclock


Ignorance Defined
Hey All..

I have been experimenting with overclocking my this CPU for the last several weeks, and using Prime95 to test for stability and the like, and wanted to pose a few questions. I am in no way an expert, and these things have puzzled me. First, here are the main components:

CPU - P4 2.4 Ghz (b) 533Mhz
Mobo - Gigabyte GA-8SQ800 (Bios F8A)
Memory - 4x256MB Crucial DDR333 (PC2700) running in Dual Channel
GPU - 128 MB Sapphire Radeon 9700Pro (324/310)

For some reason, I cannot change the multiplier on my CPU. It is stuck at 18. The default setting was 133x18 (2.4). I have bumped up my FSB up to 165 (2.97Ghz), and Prime 95 was fine for 10+ hours, but I would experience mini-second lags on the desktop and during gameplay. I decided to bump up the vcore from 1.550 to 1.650 to see if it stabilizes and it really doesn't go away. Also, my temps are straight - 34/38 (cpu/mobo) idle, 40/45 load.

Now, the questions:

1 - Wierd thing, when I try to bump up the FSB to 166 in the bios, the bios reverts back to 165? upon saving to cmos. Why doesn't it recognize an FSB of 166?
2 - Why can't I manipulate the multiplier. I have gone through the bios and do not find anywhere where this can be changed (I have had this mobo for 6 months and have through every corner of it).
3 - Normally, I have never experienced lags, where the mouse cursor just freezes for a second every now and then. Is this an indication of instability? For reference, when I bring the cpu back to stock, the lags go away, for the most part (still now and then, but not as often), which makes me question it being related to the overclock.

Anyway, I know I am throwing a lot out there. I have just been trying to get my rig to take full advantage of the PC2700 memory I have in there, and these things have been bugging me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
You can't see it there, but it's there...
Intel locks the multipliers you have to overclock through the FSB.

Some MB can't handle dividing down the FSB to get the correct AGP and PCI slot clock speeds. Overclocking the PCI and AGP can lead to frying a vid card, instability or both. CHeck something like Sisoft sandra to read your pci and agp speeds to make sure they are correct 33 for PCI and 66 x your multiplier for the AGP. This may be why the MB doesn't like 165. My AMD based KT333 does that.

Instability usually shows up as artifacts (spots, lines, etc) on the video, a lock up, or a reboot.

The delays you are experienceing could be from the HD going into sleep mode, running out of ram and having to go to the dish cache. or the CPU slowing the clock speed down because its too hot.

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