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A-Level Exam results tomorrow



eeek! I get my A-Level results 2morro.. My whole future depends on this..I either get into University, or not :eek:...All depending on tomorrow!!! :eek:

Anyone else in the U.K. expecting their results tomorrow?
Damn you Daedalus, I was trying to forget my impending doom from tomorrow.

I really dont want it to come at all.

I think I might post my results though. And which Uni I am going to if things go well tomorrow.
Is the A-Level results the deciding factor as to whether you hold a shovel or a pen the rest of your life? I know in Austria they have what is called the Matura that is basically the "in or your out the rest of your life exam..." Anyway, good luck.
I've been hearing quite a bit about this A-level exam (even in the IRC channel)

So, here's wishing all those who are expecting their results tomorrow Best of Luck! :)


It's tomorrow already!!! AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!

Gonna get my results in 45mins!!!

Then I'm off to work :-(

I'll let you know how I do on this thread 2nite! (b4 going out to celebrate)
Results, eek they were no so good

Needed BBB


Called up first Uni choice...."Yes your confirmation letter is in the post. Congratulations"

My yaw drops....I have got into UMIST (University Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) WOW, OMG. I cant believe it.

Wicked, I am happy now.

Note for Non Brits: A Levels are like the IB, they are the evaluation of 2 years of study. They are essay, short answer and in some papers multiple guess based. It is possible to repeat each paper once. In comparison to the US SAT, it is vastly different. I am not sure of the difference in difficultly as they are completely different stlyes of paper.

They also take a hell of a lot longer to mark than either the IB or the SAT. This means more STRESS. Arrgghh

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Yup, nice one. Same thing happened to me. Tho I won't say my results... bit of an upperclass lad at a school more expensive than Eaton and my results were crap... heh. Got me where I needed to go tho... I was slightly below my required number of UCAS points and still managed to get in, there is always clearing too to get all teh courses filled up.

Congratulations. Manchester has some fine night clubs.
Thats all that matters.
thanks guys, hey daedalus, how did you do?

EP, clubs, that is all I am interested in, that and fit women, which they seem to have a few of as well. Where did you go EP?


(excuse any foul language here)

totally crap!


Still got into uni though (needed one more E to get the required points)

No-one in our sixth-form who I spoke to got above E.
(our school is crap!)

Still, SCREW A-LEVELS!!! I'm off to University in October!! YEEESSS!!


Worried about your A level results ? :confused:
Wait until the day before your final year Uni results ! :(

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Yeah as long as you get into uni thats the main thing, from then on you get a fresh start and aslong as you don't get more and more involved with a certain XP site .. you should be fine.

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No regrets... learnt alot here ;)
Failed to learn MySQL here and perl, so taught myself it writing the site...

Only regret, nearly, was missing the Doom III movie exclusive cos I went on a weekend bender, but seeing as iD asked us to remove that anyway :p


Only regret was the hang over I suffered on the day of the results. Decided to go out and celebreate the night before just in case. Seems along time ago now (10 years).

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