A good REGISTRY Cleaner?



Anyone know of a good registry cleaner? i find that even after i uninstall programs...the registry still seems to exist
I don't know if there are many that are completely XP compatible yet. Whatever you use be sure to look at the entries it pulls up real well before you delete them.

Microsoft's Regclean seems to be pretty good. It runs from where it's stored and makes a .reg file of everything it finds in case you need to put everything back. You can get it here:


Glocksoft has a really nice one - this one you need to be careful with, it will pull out a LOT of stuff that needs to stay put, but if you know what to look for it lets you delete individual keys and saves everything in a nice browsable tree format similar to regedit. You can get it here:


I think Norton System works has one that has an undo feature (essentional in case it whacks something you need).

Be careful with whatever you use. I wouldn't advise an 'en mass' deletion with anything you use unless it's completely XP compatible.
I've heard of Norton also deleting Two key files so be cautios of that too...

System Mechanic and MS Regclean are the only two cleaners I trust...

I've Used Norton, McAfee, Ontrack, and some smaller ones all with detrimental effects...
I really like that one from Glocksoft. The features in it are unmatched by what i've tried to date. It's backup function is impeccable. I actually ran Regclean after running the AATools version and it pulled out a ton more stuff, but because it's not rated for XP (and development is stopped on it now), I slapped everything back in likity split.

I just went back to the glocksoft site and noticed they also have a forum. AATools is rated for Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000. I'll ask them if there are any known issues with XP and post back when they answer. They also have a beta testing program for anyone who would like to get in on that level of development with them (cool :D ).

AATools is actually a whole suite of programs. Their description: AATools is a multithreaded network diagnostic tool. Its purpose is to accumulate data pertaining to network status and availability, using all of the latest development tools in network research. It is a 11-in-1 utility, including TCP/UDP Security Port Scanner, Proxy Analyzer, CGI Analyzer, Email Verifier, Links Analyzer, Network Status, Process Info, Whois, System Info, Resource Viewer and Registry Cleaner.

It's shareware but worth a look-see in my opinion.
what? Norton's deletes two key files?

damnit, which two??
I guess I should clear that up a little...

I don't use any utilities anymore. The other post was based on a number of posts I've seen on other forums...

The common thread seems to be Norton warning of two registry errors and then not being able to get into Xp or .dll warnings on boot... But not all people who used Norton has had this happen...

Which two?!? Don't know...

The point was it's been know to do this...
Didn't APK do one?
Or is that not good?
Didn't try any of his stuff
I don't know if it ever got finalized or not. I sorta stepped out of the loop when I had my suggestions explained away time and time again.
Yep, APK did make one and it works great on both XP and ME. I would recommend it.
Not gonna use it tho, for personal reasons.
And I mean personal in a very broad sense.
Originally posted by Smokie
Yep, APK did make one and it works great on both XP and ME. I would recommend it.
I can second that. It goes through all 5 hives, and is very thorough from what I can tell.
And if anything it errs on the cautious side, which is good. No worry on deleting things that shouldn't be deleted.
I must say I used a program called RegCleaner in Windows 98, 98SE, and ME. I wasn't sure if it would work in XP until I tried it and it worked very well with no problems. Here's the link to it..


It's freeware and works well for me..
i use ontrack system suite 4.0 is made for xp works like a charm even has a built in firewall and internet porn cleaner.
I clean up my registry by myself!! :D

I also use Regcleaner... It's quite a nice registry cleaner.
I got an answer back on my questions I asked at Glocksoft. My Questions:
Are there any known issues for running your programs under Windows XP Professional?

I notice you have a beta testing program, is this for testing on an XP machine?
There reply:
There are no known issues for running the AATools 5.0 on Windows XP. The beta testing program is for all Windows platforms: 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. Windows 95 is not supported anymore.

On Windows XP is appreciated the testing of the 'Network Monitor' module because in a few cases it didn't show active services on the ports, neither map the ports to their respective applications.

As a solution of the problem, we can suggest the following: if you have the network, try to enter another computer from the XP machine first and then run the 'Network Monitor' module.
I also looked a little further into their beta testing program... no real perks to doing it so I wouldn't suggest it.

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