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A different problem with Nero

When making a CD from (say) 22 Tracks on PC, I want option to merge the tracks (like in a megamix) whilst still keeping the track markers so you can start from any one.

Problem is even though I set gap between tracks to 0, it refuses to allow less than 2 second space which you really dont want in a continuous mix.

Has anyone any ideas how to get a seamless stream of tracks please?


The Analog Kid
I can't speak for v7 but at least with v6 you can create 0 sec gap discs no problem. The problem may be from the source. If you are using a non-gapless source (mp3), there will always be a gap.
Thanks dreamliner77

It is version 6. The tracks I was trying to have no gap were wav. files just recorded using nero soundtrax.

I must have converted them to mp3 for burning to disc.

Is it the case then that you can't have a continuous mix with track markers (like on a mastermix type of cd) with mp3 and if so, what other format would be good for burning to CD? (I'm a bit new to this side of computer music technology)

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