A "Dark Matter" Laser ?

I have heard of this before and it seems its coming out of Ca,USA.

Its a so called Dark Matter Laser what i call it anyway, It is WAY COOL !

Anything in the path of the Beam is hidden no light nothing.. :) heres a pic.

Yes thats a jet con trail thats before the beam.

Cool stuff !!



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Photochop 0_o :p

Hmmmmm... O.K. I see jet con trail, I see dark "It don't matter" Laser beam thingy, where the jet go?

The Laser ate it! :D
Dont ya think youd have to be really good to put a Shadow slash in back of the Con-Trail ?


Or re-draw a con-trail onto the shadow line.

I think this pic was taken in Yuma, Az.


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gonaads said:
Oooooh, I don't know... Testing 1 2 3 testing... :rolleyes:

I like this - but to get back OT

Dark matter and Laser are completely contradictory - this sounds like nonsense to me.

On the other hand if there is a topic here it is worth nowin that Dark matter is not so much as we though - maybe only 26% of the universe - and given that regular matter is around 7% or somesuch we are left with about two third of the universe which I think they call "dark energy" or something - anyway it is basically unaccounted for and unknown - kinda like the "weight" of the vacuum of space! I only heard this recently on the radio when a scientist was discussing and I thought it was pretty interesting how little we know about how little of everything - what a suprise, not! :D
I recall a prograom on discovery science back whn it was discovery sci-trek that said we couldnt accuratley measure dark energy as its prone to just popping out of existance at any time :)

So whos up for converting Tittlebitties into dark energy and watching him vansih completeley??? :D


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Geffy said:
you find a way then let me know ;) :p
whoa - yes and we need to equip Geffy with the "dark energy" cam to record this momentous event as TB rides his dark dirt bike where no dirt bike has gone before......

hehe (reminds me of the closing scene of Dark Star, anyone know that? I think I got the name right....) ;)


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garikfox said:
I think it's fake. First off, "dark matter" is a blanket term used for unknown matter, so we wouldn't make a laser out of something we don't know about.

Secondly, a laser is concentrated light. Looking at the perspective of that photo, that would be a very large beam up close. Even the first laser was small and concentrated.

Third, such a "revolutionary" laser would be fired off in a laboratory, not in a clearly public space as that.

A lot of things just don't add up.



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you guys have obviously never heard of the Higgs field. It's what gives things mass and allows us to interact with it. Dark matter and energy are "matter" (it is believed) that simply isn't affected by the Higgs field (light is also unaffected by the Higgs field, hence it is massless). Simply put dark matter is something that exists beyond the scope of our perception, it theoretically permeates everything , including the air you're breathing. We have no way of detecting, measuring or manipulating this matter, therefore the concept of such a laser is pure bunk.

Perris Calderon

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We have no way of detecting, measuring or manipulating this matter, therefore the concept of such a laser is pure bunk.
if a laser of that nature existed, (I have no idea either way), it wouldn't be manipulating the dark matter, it would be manipulating matter not dark to evacuate and therefore create a void of dark matter.

as far as the higgs Field, to put this another way, it's simply the fabric of space, and it's not more then a hypothesis.

the hypothesis evolved because we needed to explain how a mass of energy from the beginning of time turned into matter...it's also known as the "god" Field or "god" particle


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I can't believe that you are all debating this. First off, I would have to assume that in order for you to have any clue what you are talking about you would need to be a scientist. Any of you fit that bill? You are debating a photoshopped picture about a laser beam made up of a theorized matter/mass. Laser beams are concentrated light, not mass. There, that debunks any theories you may have come up with.

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