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A couple of 64bit Vista questions


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey all,

This is for a Athlon64 x2 4600+ based system, for a friend of mine.

Was wondering these questions:

Vista 64Bit better than 32bit for this CPU?

Vista 64bit better overall performance than 32bit version?

State of video card drivers for 64bit (Stable?)

How is the gaming aspect for the Vista 64bit platform?

How is Bioshock, and other DX10 games handling 64bit (known issues, performance)

If Vista64bit gonna be selected, then 4gig of ram is going to be used.

Thanks all.



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I am running Vista x64 at the moment. I'd have to say whether it's x64 or x86 Vista is weaker than XP in gaming right now. Not to say it will always be that way but it might.

I have had 0 problems with any late games or have had any driver issues with x64 since using it.

I'm running 4 gigs of ram right now and my desktop has never run better. Not that it had any issues before but it seems to open everything much much faster.

I would say that the switch to vista should probably be straight to x64. I have had no problems getting any peripherals to work with this OS and don't see anything but good things to come with it.


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mm.. i tried vista 64 a few months ago... im gonna answer the q's together cos they're related

the performance... em.. hard to say.. barely anythin works.. not much soft written natively for 64 bit (thats what should make much diff.)
examples... virtualdub has a amd64 version.. but codecs arent 64 bit compatible... so not much to say
even ie64 isnt that great.. and no flash player lol
far cry 64 work'd like crap when i tried... slower than xp and with corruption everywhere... prolly a driver thingy (hope this answer ur driver question...)
gaming in general is slow... i mean, my pc is decent (3200+, 2gb ram, 7600gs) and most games i tried work pretty bad (i remember bf2, fear and d2, both ok but too slow)

mm.. idk really, maybe drivers have improved (they should've)... and maybe with ur cpu and 4gb of ram it'll be different...
but i wouldnt recommend it


Overclocked Like A Mother
Great thanks for your input guys,

I do know that this question will be answered totally different a year from now, but It it a question that is being asked about Vista state as of now.

We are trying to figure out how Crysis, Company Of Heroes, and BioShock will play on X64 drivers......from now until Christmas.

Thanks again,



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for me the issue isn't even a problem. I don't think Vista 64 vs Vista 32 will be any difference. I'm playing games on my desktop with no problems after I switched from 32bit to 64.
I'm running vista 64 bit with 6gb of ram. I have 0 issues. There are a few hotfixes at the microsoft support site that aren't on windows update that boost performance and stability. Addtionally the beta of SP1 makes it faster still :)

I'd jump for vista 64.

Electronic Punk

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Yup, this time they started on even ground and I would have to say there are no cons to the 64bit version at the moment except perhaps driver signing.

Still don't totally get that seperate program files directory but thats the way it goes.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Great, Thanks for all your input,,,,,,

I hate to throw a second question in here at this point, but would a Vista64/XP Pro dual boot setup be considered since Vista64 is being considered stable?

Thanks again guys,

We are going with the vista64 setup right now.


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