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I've got a problem with my network and I have checked other posts in this forum for similar problems but none of them seem to help.
Anyway, here's the thing: I've got two computers, one has XP on it, the other one 98. They both use the same kind of network card: both a Realtek RTL8193, probably the most basic network card there is. They both are part of the workgroup Mallet studios (don't ask ¬_¬). The IP of the XP is and of the 98 is They both have subnetmask, so basically, i have all things that a network requires, yet on the XP it says that the networkcable is unplugged and the 98 only recognises it self as part of the network. I have checked the cable, but i don't think that's it, since it worked fine when the xp was still a 98 and according to the laws of logic (ok, so this is windows we're talking about, still...) it should still work after the upgrade.
Does anyone know a sollution for my problem? thanx!
Is the "Link" light on the back of the NIC lit? If so, try updating your NIC drivers on the XP machine. If the link light is not lit on the back of the NIC, try a different cable. If it still doesn't work, get a new NIC

The light on the XP box isn't burning, but the light on 98 box is, so it's prolbably the NIC, not the cable...
Buy a new NIC huh? That's gonna be a problem, since all my money is currently on the bank, with the €uro comming an all...
try using the XP cd to set it up on the 98 machine
on the autorun menu, other options or somethin
and setup a home network or something like that

might be just 98 screwed up who knows
heck even try it in XP

oh and are you using a cross over cable (if without a hub)
i made a mistake and bought a patch UTP cable and obviously its 'cable not connected'
bought a cross over and its fine

just as well i kept the old one as i now have a hub heh
That is it probably I had that too. The wrong UTP cable. You must have crosslink or it won't work.

and look if you have the same categorie the most used is cat 5.
o_O the cable i've got is just the cable i got with the NICs so shouldn't it work normally then?
You must look on the cable, what is standing on the cable.

You will probably have the wrong cable. It will be a cable for a HUB and if you go from 1 networkcard to another you will need crossed link (crosslink).
It does say patch cable on the cable, but I got it with a set of two networkcards (the Sitecom Multi Player Gamers Networking Kit). Is XP incompatible with patch cables or something? It worked fine when win98 was installed on both of them
but you have said that the light on the NIC from the computer where XP is on installed is not lightning (burning).

There's something wrong with your Windows XP I had that problem too.

But if you are installing XP you have to connect every cable that must be connected for your LAN. ( typical microsoft :) )

And look into your BIOS maybe are there settings disabled.

Or you can take out your NIC and put it then back into your PC sometimes it helps.

But do you have a HUB
mine didnt light up until i got the right cable (Cross over)

if you look at the ends of the cable... the one that looks identical to each end in straight lines (colours) is the patch cable

if the wires look crossed and not identical to the other side, thatas the cross over
the one u want.
Okay. We know you have the right cable (A crossover) becuase 1) it came with your network-in-a-box kit and 2) it worked before. That's out.
Next, you know 98 is fine thus far, so ignore that box altogether.
You pointed it out almost immediately, and you need look no further. You do not have activity on the status lights on the NIC in your XP box. That means that you do not have a network connection set up (which I know you do since you said you've assigned an IP) OR XP does not have the right driver for the card installed, XP does not recognize the card, or the card came unseated while setting something up.
Check your Device Manager to see that the NIC is there and the driver is updated. Next, check the cable is in tight, and if that doesn't work, try unplugging both ends of your cable and reversing it. If you still do not see any network activity, open up your case, remove the network card and drop it back in to make sure it's seated tightly. If you're still not working, come back here and say what you did so far, and we can go from there.
Lactic, I like your logic. :D

The reason I asked about the USB modem or ISDN is that I was working on a network with 5 98 machines and 1 xp, all the 98's could see each other but no the xp , while the xp was totaly blind.

Unplug the isdn and it all worked. new drivers sorted it out.
I don't have a hub, but the connection between the two computers are two cables connected to each other (i checked those connections too), since it was to short. the cable goes through the ceiling, so switching them is gonna be a problem.
In the device manager, the drivers of the NIC were up to date, but there was a questionmark with an exclamation mark next to PCI Simple Communications-controller, meaning there are no drivers installed for it. Methinks this has something to do with the problem (the NIC being a PCI-device and all)
Problem: I can't seem to find the drivers on the Windows XP cd-rom
don't you have the drivers wich were be your NIC?

or else look on the net by the dealer of your NIC
The drivers of the NIC are ok, it's the drivers of the PCI Simple Communications-controller i'm missing
Im confused now. :(

If the drivers for your NIC are ok then your network has another cause for not working.

Now, PCI Simple Communications-controller sound like a modem to me. Are you using the XP comp to get on the net with ?

If a modem isn't working that shouldn't stop XP from networking. Don't forget that you would have to enable file and printer sharing to get anywhere.

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