9700 pro Heatsink Fan Shot!


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My Hercules 9700 pro heatsink fan has melted!!
Anybody know of a site where they sell spare fans or heatsinks for these cards??

Thanx in advance!!


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Dont get a regular one if you have the spare slot i recomment the Artic Cooler Vga silencer check the uk bargains section posted where i found that for cheap there only £15. Check it out ! :)


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Before you replace the HSF is the card still good. That much of an overheat did not do it any good.

Any chance you're still in warantee? If so get the whole thing replaced.


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how the hell did you manage to get it to melt :eek:

contact hercules and see if they will replace the product for you...

if they do you are all set... the 9700 series is EOL so they might even bump you up to a 9800 series card :cool:


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get some artic silver thermal compound to put between the chip and the sink when you do attach the new one, it should give you lower temps as well probably the epoxy version might be better for a GFX card though depending on how the sink is held on. Be careful with it as well
same thing happen to my GF4 Ti 4400, hopefully the people who custom build it will replace it, but that might be slim since im past my 1year warranty (by a couple of months =/)

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