8x video card in an 4x agp slot??



This might seem like a stupid question but I'm working on upgrading my system and my MoBo and processor are the last thing on my list, I found a great deal on a G4 4200 128 but it's a 8x card, can i run this in my 4x slot and just run it at the slower rate or do i have to find a 4x card??


Simple Answer..Yes you can!! :)

The card should be backward compatible, double check manufacturers specification, it'll say AGP 4x, 8x etc.


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agp 8x == agp 4x for all intents and purposes @ this time....

the bandwidth THEORETICALLY is more... twice as much actually... but there is nothing out there @ the moment that takes advantage of this..

any agp8x card will work with at LEAST agp 2x/4x and 8x boards... thats the way it is... :)

just recognise that the difference in performance that you expect will unlikely be seen for several months... if not longer :)


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Originally posted by Cosmin
there's a simple setup from bios refering to AGP slot .. ( just modify that )
he's asking if he can run an 8x card in a 4x slot... :)

you can't turn a 4x slot to an 8x slot by modding I think... has to do with voltages as well :)


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He has the same card as me, and yes it is backward compatiable. I just wish I could get the full 8x out of the mobo. Oh well, I am due for an upgrade anyway.

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