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80 pin IBM SCSI Drives


NTFS Stoner
I got 4of em and would like to know where i might be able to get a decent raid card & cable to hook these up. my supplier does 50 and 68 pin cards, no 80 pin listed so im a little lost as to a bargain part for a 4 drive raid 0 array. :)
80 pin are made for sca hot swap cage, the power and everything come through that one connector. the cage would then plug into a 68 pin cable. the drive number is also set on the adapter as 80 pin don't do it on the drive....... you can by adapters for the back of them to adapt to 68 pin. check ebay for instance.

ive never know an 80 pin cable to exsist....
heres what they look like:


NTFS Stoner
thanks for that mate, i had the feeling i was gunna have to buy adapter cards to run them.... now it looks like works server is about to find itself with a faulty SCSI card if i need to spend £60 on adapters LOL

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