7800gt vs 6800gt


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Will you see much of a difference in speed between these two cards, is it worth upgrading to a 7800gt if you already have a 6800gt?


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as far as i know.... you'd definitely see a difference upgrading from a 6800GT to a 7800GT. i could be wrong..... but i doubt i am. i actually plan on giving my computer a nice upgrade after the holidays (NF4 SLi mobo, A64 3500+, 7800GT).


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7800 is the way to go.

I regret going with a mid range card. The improvement over my 9800 Pro was not very impressive. I paid $280 instead of $400 for a top end card and with some of this years releases (BF2) I am disappointed with frame rates and with something like Fear I will be severely handicapped.

As for seeing a speed increase... It depends on the games you play and how high you crank the graphics settings. Many of today's games (2005 release, as opposed to the next generation games) are running such a high frame rate you won't notice an improvement. One exception will be in when you are in a fire fight with explosions going off. My old card lagged and I used to die a lot more often because I could not see what was happening fast enough to react.


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Having gone from a 6800GT, to an X850XT, and to now a 7800GT, yes there is quite a difference in overall performace and quality in games..


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You will see an increase over the 6800GT, but I might recommend saving the money and buying a better CPU instead. Most games these days are "CPU limited" meaning that your FPS bottle neck is the CPU not your video card. Of course this varies from game to game, some are GPU limited... but for the most part with modern physics, AI and particle effects CPU's are in dire need of a huge performance gain.


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i think i have settled on getting the cpu and new mobo first, i think a amd 64 3700 san diego is what i am getting, not sure on the mobo yet, and i may just wait till next year end of jan feb to look at a v/card.

is the 7800gt the way to go or does ati have better offerings?


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Fogro the second half of the question. Since you are planning on a MB/Proc upgrade after the holidays I would suggest staying with the 6800 GT until ~ May.

The 7800 and X1800 will be faster but ATI is still developing a new driver technique that may markedly improve the X1800 performance for OpenGL and both vendors may have something new and exciting in their spring line up (core geometry reduction, improved heat efficiency, etc.).

The one exception is if the current MB & 6800 is AGP. Don't invest in anymore AGP MB's or vid cards.

And if you haven't seen it the raw benchmarks for the various cards are here:


Note the benchmarks are overstating the real game performance over what I got with my last updrage.


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well you see thats the problem, both my board and then obviously my v/card are both agp, so in order to get a new 939 cpu i'd need to buy a mobo that have pci-e which in turn means i need a new v/card as well. in fact all i would have left from the old system is the hard drive and psu. i may as well just build a new system at this stage :)


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If you ignore everything else I post at least beleive this.

Buy the whole new rig!

Upgrading peicemeal does not work this year due to changing technology. I have a 3 month long horror story of wasted effort.

I should have just bit the bullet and gotten a dedicated PCI-E MB, new vid card (PCI-E) and new power supply (dual rail, SLI certified, etc.), either right away or waited to save up the money if I was short.

As it is I ended up with a giant compromise that will not last as long as I'd hoped performance wise. (Not enough MB slots, power supply on the edge, inadequate vid card upgrade.)

PS I don't think the 7800 or X1800 families come in AGP slot versions. Top end cards are reserved for PCI-e now.
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i take it you already have the 6800GT AGP? if so, and you'd rather take the other's advice, and wait till new stuff arrives or new improvements from ATI and NVidia...... i'm pretty sure that they make Socket 939 A64 mobo's with an AGP slot alone.

edit: kinda like this one for example. not sure how GREAT of a mobo it is, but it's from Asus.... and they show a bunch of other ones, but not too many of the major name companies seem to make them.

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