6600gt issue? 7600gs a possible replacement?


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After having some bootup problems a little bit ago and solving that the issue was with the video card got a few questions. When my video card is plugged in and set in place, the computer doesn't bootup (followed with 1 long and 8 short beeps), also to note that the cpu fan then moves a lot more slowly. Afterwards I took it out and tested out my old ATI 9200se and everythign works and the case fan works fine. Note that the Nvidia 6600gt does have a fan of course and requires a cable connected to it from the power supply (i believe) whie the 9200se doesn't have a fan and doesn't need a cable connected to it from the power supply. I'm not sure why this is happening though....

Also, I was thinking that if I realllly have to get a new video card i'll get the Nvidia 7600gs since it's in my measly price range. Anybody have an opinion on this card?

EDIT: plus if I do get the 7600gs anybody have an opinion on a distributor like BFG or Asus? I'm not sure the differences really. I know ASUS has a 7600gs with something along the lines of being "extra quiet".
Your lucky day. I just researched this last night for someone else.

The 6800 XT is a better card. $99-149 depending on which version you get and what rebate.

The bad news is the best versions come in PCI-e only.

%$*^&)(* Me blind and dumb. You're using this in the Asrock Dual? You are in luck. There is a really sweet XFX 6800 XT for $137 on newegg (fast ram 256 BIT wide, faster gpu and openGL 2.0 support). They must be using a dumbed down updated version of the 6800 chip compared to evga and the others whose cards ate openGL 1.5 and 128 BIT wide memory.


PS The Asrock supports cool n quiet which means it slows the cpu fan if the PC is not doing anything (which is the case with a bad video card).
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Have you checked your card was seated properly? Have you tried it in your computer since? Try it in another pc and see how it runs.

I dont think the 6800XT would be a good buy as its worse than the 6800nu. It doesnt really matter which manufacturer you go with but BFG, ASUS and XFX are all good maunfactuers, whoever is cheapest. Go with a 7600GS or 6800GS. If your willing to spend more the x1800GTO or 7600GT are good buys, i recommend the 7600GT in that case.

Think of this as an opportunity to upgrade!:)


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Sir, for any one interested I recently bought the ASUS 7600gs it is silent, however a major problem, when viewing films at full res 2560 X 1600 on Dell 30inch monitor, right han side of screen is badly distorted a band about 1.5inch wide, tryed brand new second card still the same. Drop the res one notch problem goes away, suspect graphics card not up to the job at running at full res.
Anybody any ideas,
Many thanks
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Hey just to update everybody, I had sent my broken 6600gt back to BFG to get repaired under their warranty, took a long ass time to get there (used canada post), suggestion: always use a fedex or ups instead lol. anyways not long after it arrived BFG sent the card back within about 2-3 days. they replaced the card, i don't have any pics to show you guys but when i sent it back the heatsink fan on the card was black in colour and was somewhat in closed in a casing. the one they sent back was copper and much more open with no casing, so i figure the old BFG 6600gt card had overheated or something (i didn't overclock it) and im hoping this one won't :nervous: