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64x Windows Itself


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I have heard all the hype about this new windows, top of line, etc etc. I just haven't really checked it out or given any thought into it like I usually do. It seems now it's gotten bigger and more information is known about it. I don't know where to start. So I decided to start my own little information thread for myself.

I was wondering if somebody could either simply explain what x64 bit windows is. What is the difference between the windows we have now. What are some new programs or w.e that we are going to be able to see. etc etc

Thanks in advance

Perris Calderon

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If you have a 64 bit chip, the operating system will be able to use the extra resources of the chip better then a 32 bit os.

you won't be able to run entirely on the 64 bit os, since plenty of apps won't run on it.

I hardly ever boot to my 64 bit xp


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but like when everythings like compatible with x64 bit, whats the benifit. Using extra resources...? meaning?? faster loading etc...
Windows XP x64 Edition is windows server 2003 converted to 64bit. They then added back all the XP services and fatures and took out the server features that are not needed on a workstation. (One of the best plugs for modularisation is XP/2003 btw :p)

At the moment there is thin driver support for enthusiast hardware but high end workstation hardware has the drivers in place.

Companies like autodesk, discreet, Alias Wavefront, newtek. All have 64bit windows versions of their cad and 3D moddeling apps either available or in fairly usable beta editions.

Gaming and every day stuff works quite well also. your 32 bit apps run just as fast as on xp 32 bit (there is a slowdown but you wont perceive it), but your 32bit drivers wont.

One problem with xp x64 is that it identifies itself as server 2003 64bit so desktop apps that would check that value and complain if run on a server wont work (there are one or two games out there that have this issue, as well as a bunch of applications such as perfect disk).

I have noticed myself when playing games like DX2, Nexus, KOTOR on 64bit windows that the FMV audio stutters like someone got trigger happy with the mute button so it would seem that the RAD Game tools are not quite happy running in the wow64 wrapper.

Other than that its a great OS to work with, fast stable and has no issues with RAM beyond 1.5-2GB.

If you are a heavy gamer, stick with xp32 but keep xp64 around and test your favourite stuff out each time a new driver is released for your kit.

If you are into heavy workstation work, go for x64. Best setup would be a dual, dual-core opteon with 4gb of ram :D

Electronic Punk

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Aside from some games refusing to install (the most recent being Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, although just the copy protection which Ubisoft haven't patched yet - the technology of the copyprotection has been updated!) my last issue with WindowsXP x64 was solved the other day, a fix for a bug with WinRAR context menus :)

My home machine has been 64bit for 10 weeks, no looking back ;d
so how do you get on with things like deus ex, deus ex2, kotor, etc that use bink video and the rad game tools? does the audio stutter or what?

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