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600x480 and 16 colors


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OH no man! On my old machine, wich i just reformated, the colors are 16 and the resolution is maxed out at 600x480. How do i fix this? The only things i can choose for colors are 2 colors, and 16 colors, and for resolution all i can do is leave it at 600x480, it won't slide further! It's got an old 8mb video card, the old Nvidia 128 Riva 128z, and i know it can go up to 32 million colors and 1024x768


OSNN Senior Addict
My old box is really crappy, and only came with a win98 cd. No boot cd, no CDkey, nuffin'. But this is what i did.

I went to www.nvidia.com, driver downloads --> Riva 128 --> download. Now it was under a megabyte so i could put it on a floppy. (as my old box doesn't have internet yet, it's across the house) and made a self-extracting EXE of the nvidia 128 drivers and went to display -->advanced --> adapter --> change --> seach in c:/winzip (where i had extraced to). Boom! 32 million colors and 1280x1024 resolution galor : )

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