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60/80 gb maxtors...


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ok. im living here in canada now (had a HUGE move from chile) and theres this store called costco where you can buy everything at wholesale price. anyways, i found maxtor hard drives (80 and 60 gb versions) at 199.99 and 159.99 (all the prices canadian).
my questions are:

1) are the maxtor hard drives good? (in terms of crashing, overheating, etc, etc)

2) are the prices any good?

thx, Apu


hardware monkey
it depends.. were the harddrives 5400 or 7200rpm? the 7200rpm ones will give you better performance while the 5400rpm ones will be a little quieter, cooler, and cheaper. in general, they are a good brand.

if those are prices for ata133 7200rpm drives, then that's not a bad deal, i guess. they can be had for cheaper, though.. but probably not without ordering and waiting.


I have both, one 60GB and one 80GB Maxtor drives (both 7200rpm and Ultra-133)

Before that also I have used same HD but lower capacity. Infact the currnently sold Maxtor HD's are actually Quantum Harddrives, with Quantum Technology.. Its just Quantum sold their Harddrive Technology to Maxtor. Other than that I would have never bought an Originally Maxtor Harddrive, because they were crappy. :D

But the Maxtor Harddrive sold now are all OK, actually One of the best available. So you can get them without any doubt.



i had 60gig maxtor ata 100 now i got 80 gig maxtor ata 133 both were ok noice wise and i have cooloer on new drive,maxtor are meant to be leader in field according to sites i read and were fist to do ata 133 and first to do new ata serial in dec 02
could wait few monthe so get 150mbs tranfer rate if you got motherboard to match.


I have two D740X drives (ATA133) both I have been very happy with. I've had mine for 10months now, and both still run perfectly. They are one of the best manufacturers the D540X & D740X range are superb, both in value for money and reliability, you cant go wrong with them IMO. There are two versions to look out for though, one has ball-baring drive, the other has liquid baring, both mine are the former, the latter run quieter, but to be honest they are not noisy anyway.



HI STUNY how do i find if my maxtor serial tells me if i got fluid or ball bearing,i now there is 4 diff letters at end of part no for the 80 gig ata 133 on there site and mine is last one in list,could mine be fluid.
I also see someone mention using the manufactures software to quite it down but that will slow performance.
Im over moonwith mine inc noise level.

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