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i am still using a 56k dial up modem, but when downloading, i sometimes see download speeds of 100kb/s for the fisrt couple of seconds. then the download speed drops down to about 7kb/s.
is it possible to keep the download speed at a resonable 50kb/s?


whats your seeing is a burst speed. 7k/sec isnt too bad for a 56k modem. Your best bet would be to upgrade to either DSL or cable.


No... welcome to reality...

56k Dialup will NEVER EVER see past 7kb/sec

56kbps... lets break it down... 56 kilo bits per second.

8 bits in a byte... so lets divide 56 by 8... we then get 7...
7kb/sec... this is at OPTIMAL conditions. i.e. You live next to the ISP, your phone lines let you connect at 56kbps (does anyones phoneline connect at that speed?) 53k is the max i believe although i've only gotten 52... no ideas about that one... realistically, you prolly won't see much more than 5kb/s on a download. Maybe more when you are downloading stuff from your ISP... That 100kb/s is merely bad calculation by IE.

As soon as you click the file to download and you choose where to save it to, IE is already starting to download it. When it displays it, it calculates speed according to how much data has been downloaded and how long it has taken. Time starts when the progress bar is displayed.

So if you downloaded 25k or so of your download while you were telling it where to go, it might do a calculation of 25 / .25 as soon as it displays the progress bar to show that you are downloading at 100kb/s.... which is of course wrong....


The reason why IE has a fast number in the beginning is because it's calculating your download speed. It's based on a time clock so the first second or two is going to be way off.

As for a 56K modem, most people do not know this, but the "56K" in the 56K modem denotes the maximum UPLOAD speed. V.90 and x2 modems actually have a maximum download speed of 115.2K. This is specified in your modem's manual if you ever bought a 56K modem.

In some areas (large cities such as NY, LA, Houston, Chicago, just to name the 4 largest in the US), phone lines are digital instead of analog. In this case, you can obtain closed connections of 56K. If you are in a digital area and use a closed ISP such as AOL, ATT, Earthlink, or CompuServe, you can actually connect at 115.2K. This would give you a maximum download speed of 14.4Kbps.

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