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56K Modem

I have windows XP Home and NTL broadband connection.

I would like to send faxes from such programs as Word 97. I have a 56K modem which is recognised by the Device Manager and gives the corrected answers when "queried" under the diagnostic tag.

I have set up the Faxing Services and have a "fax printer" available for use in Word.

I do have the modem connected to the telephone socket (two cables tried) and I do know the telephone socket works.

When I try to send a fax I am told that it is "dialling" but nothing further happens.

How can I test the modem and its connection to the telephone service? Can anyone offer advice?
Start the HyperTerminal and set it to dial to, say, your mobile (or something where people won't be mad at you ;)). If it dials the modem drivers/settings should be ok at least.
Hi, its me again.

I used the Hyperterminal, as suggested, and it connected to my mobile OK.

The fax is calling the correct COM port.

I will have to try the fax again.

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