52.16 NVidia Forceware Drivers


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Wow, just tried these drivers. Same speed as omega but graphics quality better ! Plus has added feature set. This is one of the few drivers updates I recommend downloading. Anyone had similar experience?


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Yes, the new drivers do look a lot better quality wise. Haven't run actual benchmarks yet, but they seem to be a bit zipper when gaming. Some of the new options in the control panel aren't bad, but the registry hack for enabling the overclocking tab doesnt work anymore :(



couldsomeone post that reg hack to enable the overclocking tab? Also, if anyone know of one that will work with the new dirvers, could you direct me to that?

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Originally posted by GoNz0
there no good for us GF4 TI users :(
I agree they dont work very well for me either, I am getting hard lock up's in RTCW if I enter a game with punkbuster enabled, plus hidden and dangerous all the fonts in the options boxes is gone, and very grainy looking Clive Barker's Undying , and alot of people are saying its causeing over heating on their cards, so I am gonna wait for next set :confused:


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Originally posted by Leedogg
So theres no extra bloatware or junk in them? Just wondering if its worth the hassle of reinstalling...
Quite the contrary. They've streamlined these drivers and lopped off useless options.
Originally posted by coathanger007
Quite the contrary. They've streamlined these drivers and lopped off useless options.
So right! The entire driver, setup files and all, is less than 9MB. That's the smallest I've seen in a long time.

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i havent really seen any improvement when i play counter strike. i get a constant 60fps. i guess i should be grateful that it doesnt jump around like back in the day, but still, a higher fps would be nicer.

and yes, i have screwed around with all the CS commands, i guess i will just have to change a few settings on my card.

EDIT: Btw, i have a GeForce FX 5200 Ultra.
If you have two monitors, can you help me out? Under the 52.16s, when I change which side the monitor is situated on, or change one to primary, the video locks up for about 45 seconds then goes into safe mode. Windows then informs me that it has recovered from a device failure.

After a restart, everything is good. I fear changing which monitor is primary though :eek:

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