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440bx Help!!!



Hey ppl!
I've got a compaq deskpro with a 440bx/zx chipset. I want to try overclocking it. but i didn't get any manuals for the motherboard since it was a branded computer. can anyone tell me where i can get the manual and more importantly, the jumper settings for this motherboard. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx!
I'll tell you right now, I have that same chipset. And any processor your running on it, is most likely not very overclockable at all. Mine had the bios that allowed you to change the multiplier and FSB using it. As for jumpers your options were far less because you had to move the fsb up in big increments


well my p2b was kick a$$ i put in the 133 fsb and it worked right away lol p2 350@ 469 heheh pretty good chipset stable and fast good old days lol


well, dark, how did u overclock it? I am assuming u have the 440bx chipset too. i have tried doing it through softwares like cpufsb and softfsb, but regardless of the fsb, the overall speed is stuck to 350 mhz. i think the only other way to do it, is by manipulating the jumper settings. i might be wrong, but if u could help me in telling me how did u overclock ur chipset to 400 odd Mhz?


ive got a 440bx mobo too. i can change the FSB and multiplier in the bios. but with pentiums on 440bx, you cannot increase the multiplier (that i know of), and you're left with increasing the fsb only. I tried putting it to 133mhz fsb and only had a 12% increase which meant it was actually only clocked to 112mhz fsb which is a bit shit - specially as its reported as 1000mhz in POST :/

ahh well, i found it in cpu settings (i think, i cant remember offhand). hope its helpful to you...

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