3dSmax 5.0 !




i got 3ds max 5, a while back, ( i got it from the bussness i work for, a grahpics company)

so i installed it, it worked great on my special pent.3 755mhZ 386mb RAM computer, then a little while back i decided to resinstall xp pro, and now, for some wierd reason, i start 3ds max, goes on fine, then when its finished loading, my computer starts going reeally slow, and i cant do nothing, this never happened before i reinstall windows xp

so i type ctrl -alt-del, 3ds max is only takin 20MB memory, and grabbing 04 of CPU

so for some reason a proggie called WinLogon.exe is taking like 90 CPU i cant terminate it, its ussually only takin like 00, so thats the reason why my comps going so slow

is there anyway i can stop my comptuer form goin gall slow when i start 3dsmax 5,

plz dont tell me to get an upgrade, :D



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Dont get an upgrade!!!


Have you checked the amount of space left on your HD? Obvious but can cause poor performance if there is a lack of space. Installing XP Pro wouldnt have helped matters in the department!

Have u installed Service Pack 1? Might help.

Was XP Pro a fresh install or did you overite your previous OS. Fresh installs are highly recommended when upgrading your OS, can save lots of hassle.


yeah, got SP1, did a new install, everything

i got 3 drives, C: = 30MB, E: = 900MB, D: = 900MB

Windows xp is install on D: and so is 3dsmax5

the reason is winlogon.exe using many CPU resources for some reason,dont know why tho


hey dude,

i had the same problem, i tried everything but clean install worked for me, but still i thing i don't understand is that how come ur hdd space is so less and u could install win xp :rolleyes: ;) :D

well anyways, try scannin for viruses ;)


or is this the free space left on ur hdd

"yeah, got SP1, did a new install, everything

i got 3 drives, C: = 30MB, E: = 900MB, D: = 900MB

Windows xp is install on D: and so is 3dsmax5

the reason is winlogon.exe using many CPU resources for some reason,dont know why tho"

30 C: = 30MB, E: = 900MB, D: = 900MB

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Winlogon. I don't know what that is but I hate it. I had to clean install to get rid of the slowness; I had the same thing before


dont bother... get a new hard-drive...

how could u install Windows xp and 3dsmax5 in a 900MB hard drive in the first place?!...


I was just reading over your post - I've been having this problem myself recently. Here's my system config

- Windows XP Pro OEM (SP1 upgrade, not slipstream)
- 2Ghz P4, 512MB 333MHz DDR Ram
- GForce 4 MX Video, 32 Megs Ram
- C:\ = 5 gigs (ONLY the OS lives here, all redirectable files on D:)
- D:\ = 35 Gigs (All software installed here)
- E:\ = 120 Gigs (Work & storage drive - This one has an 8MB drive cache) All my temp directories live over here, so does the swap file.

UDMA is enabled all around on the drives.

I considered that it might be the swap - it's not the problem. It's not the ram either because I had Max running when I only had 384 megs of ram and on a 1.4 Ghz P4. Only difference I noted is that now I have SP1 and then I didn't. I optimized all the running services so only the essentials were running in the background. This machine is tweaked big time for performance.

I tried something and just ran MAX and let it sit idle with the default plugins that get installed loaded up by default. It was okay for about a minute and then the CPU loading began. I watched the performance meter and it was bouncing up and down between low an high loads in a seemingly even pattern. It was in fact the winlogin.exe program doing it.. but not ONLY that program. The system idle process was doing the exact same action.

I've come to the conclusion it's not a ram issue. I have loads and there were no objects at all loaded into max.. just a blank default palette. It's not the CPU having trouble with dealing with Max... the software was sitting idle. Max itself was not generating any activity that seemed out of the ordinary for an idling program as far as processor load goes.

I'm still unresolved here, but I have suspicions SP1 may have something to do with it. WHY winlogin.exe (which is responsible for your login process) would be burdening the CPU like that makes no sense to me at all. THIS install is clean.. did it only about 2 weeks ago at most. Page file is 768 Megs, so that should even be ample swap to feed a hungry max project. When I closed max from the idle test state, winlogin.exe was still pushing the CPU up past 90% fluctuating down as low as 10% (maybe lower) in a sine-wave like pattern.

I'll keep my eyes open DAZZ, and if I get some answers on this one I'll get back to this post and let you know.


Okay DAZZ.. I found my solution.. it may work for you as well. I had a suspicion that the C-dilla system might have something to do with it, so I went to the site and downloaded the 3.27 RTS version and ran the same tests I did before and everything is running just fine for me. It's a patch that is targeted to fix the "extremely slow performance after running 2ds max or autodesk VIZ 4 while Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 7.61 is enabled"

I'm getting an idle between 0% and 4% now after having run Max 5, rendered one of my logos, then shut down - everything unloaded just fine and returned my system back to a low-load idle state like it was supposed to.

Get the update, uninstall the old one, reinstall the update, reboot and if your prob is like mine it should work better. Hope that helps



gonna install 3dsmax 5 now and try

it should work because i got norton antivirus corporate running always


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Found this doin a GOOGLE:

This is a quote from:
subject author created on
Winlogon.exe at 99% CPU Patrick mcilroyp@attglobal.net 10/1/2002 05:56

I include here the most helpful resolution to my similar problem, posted by user "eguy" on teck-tips.com . Hope it helps,

"The logon process on my Win2K box doesn't complete successfully. The CPU activity stays very high (approaching 100% utilization) and seems to be consumed by 2 processes, Winlogon and Winkxf."

The Winkxf file is your culprit. This is the main characteristic of the KLEZ32 virus.

Once activated, the virus copies itself to the %System% directory (where %System% is either C:\Windows\System or C:\Winnt\System32, depending on your operating system) with a filename that begins with wink, followed by random characters. Example: winkzd or . This files tends to be set as a hidden file.
It creates one or both of the following registry keys to ensure that it is activated whenever Windows starts:
HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\Wink[random charcters] %System%\Wink[random characters].exe
HKEY_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Wink[random characters]
It attempts to disable anti-virus programs that monitor system activity.
It copies itself to local, mapped, and network drives as either a random file name with 2 file extensions (example: filename.mp3.exe) or a .RAR archive file (example: filename.txt.rar)
It looks for email addresses in the Windows Address Book, the ICQ database (if you run ICQ) and random .html and text files on the hard drive, then sends mail to each of these addresses. In some cases, it actually uses one of those email addresses and put it in the From line of the email it sends out.
On the 6th day of any month that is not January or July, it will overwrite files on the hard drive with the extensions .txt, .html, .doc, .mp3, .htm, .wab, .cpp, .c, .pas, .mpg, .mpeg, or .bak. If the month is January or July, it will try to overwrite all files on the hard drive.
The removal tool can be downloaded at:



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DAZZ, you said that you reinstalled XP. Did you redo the updates???

There is one update that also also replaces the winlogon.exe with an updated build. But it was for another problem.


Microsoft has released a new update for Windows XP, which addresses a rather small flaw that may prevent the computer from entering standby or hibernation mode if a Direct3D-based screen saver is running. Despite replacing two DirectX libraries and all the 3D screen savers that have been shipped with Windows XP, this update does also replace the winlogon.exe with an updated build.

You can download it here if you want:


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