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Dabba Dooba
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Hey i have been grounded since april 29 and will be till may 29. I am only grounded from the computer right now. I got ungrounded from seenin my gf and ridin my go kart already so thats good. I just wanted to say not to block my account or delete it from inactivity. Thanks and hope to talk to u all in a few weeks. Peace
Grounded for 30 days? Wonder what he got caught doing? Arson, drug dealing, stealing family car...

Better yet I wonder if his parents know he posted here while grounded and how long they will extend the grounding for when we tell them? ;)


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
We don't tend to delete accounts with 30 days inactivity (if ever :)) so you should be safe.

Next time, don't do whatever you did this time. 30 days is a long time for a grounding so it must have been bad :)
lol i like that he can see his gf and ride his go-cart but not do something as everday as use the computer :p I also agree 30 days is a hell of a grounding but allowing him to have fun just no computer is odd punishment.

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