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360 saves question


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Ok, so I had an issue last month where me and my roommate were gonna get back into playing Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires. However, we thought we had lost it because when we first played the game, we played it on an Xbox 360 at my college for a while before it got stolen and that my roommate's name was made as an offline account at the time. We had it saved to the memory card. Well the thing that happened that was weird was the save said it belonged to "unknown". Taking a suggestion from someone else in the room at the time, she reminded me of the rules that is said on the 360 about "you become the new owner if you are not already the owner of this item". So I moved it to my hard drive from his memory card unit it gave my 360 account name the rights to the game's save. We ran it and it showed the save... of course, the achievements weren't there, but it updated as soon as we did one more save.

Now, the question becomes... is it possible to take a save of someone elses account that currently belongs to them and shows their name as the owner and bring it over to my account somehow? The reason I ask is because for one, I could bring back his game save to his account and if possible, re-save something from another game that was supposed to be my save anyways and I don't want to use his account name to access my save.

Any help I would gladly appreciate.


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It is possible using a resigner. Although your reasons seem innocent enough, resigning is usually done by people who game save for achievement points and the communities who have resigners are for the most part ... invite only.

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