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360 Game List Suggestion


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So finally on March 13th I am buying a 360.

In fact, I am getting the Red Resident Evil 360 Elite 120GB version.

I get Resident Evil 5 with it, as well as Street Fighter HD Remix, and one other downloadable game.

I am going to be buying Gears Of War 2, Halo 3, God of War Games, almost the same day.

My question is, what games do you recommend, downloadable or retail?
Saints Row 1&2
Mass Effect
Fable II

Those are the best games I have in my small collection I have a few others.


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the God of War franchise is a Sony exclusive. so you can scratch that.

to get back to your question, if I did have a 360 (or care to buy one) I would get

dead space
Street Fighter IV

it really depends what types of games you enjoy, If this is your first gaming system, research the gaming sites and check out the games.
If you like racing games then the burnout series is great

as far as FPS, its your choice again, i know you game on your PC so purchasing a copy of the same game would be wasting $$

I played Halo and gears of war on my friends 360 but I find them boring and the multiplayer is terrible ...just my opinion.


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Saints Row 1&2
Mass Effect
Fable II

Those are the best games I have in my small collection I have a few others.
GTA4 I have on PC, same with Mass Effect, I will get Fable 2 for sure, I almost forgot about that game. And DOA4 might be interesting. Thanks.


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I thought the best RPGs was mass effect closely followed by fallout 3. Fable 2 is pretty good as well, though I did not feel it was as immersive as the forst two mentioned.


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So I picked up Fable 2 today. So now my collection for the 360 is this.

Resident Evil 5
Halo 3
Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix
Fable 2

With Geometry Wars 2, Hexic as arcade games.


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Not doing bad :)
I have at the moment:
Street Fighter IV
Soulcalibur IV
Left 4 Dead
Lego Indiana Jones ;)
Lego StarWars
The Club
Rock Band 2
Guitar Hero World Tour (full bundle)
Colin Mcrae Dirt
Forza 2 lim ed
Call of Duty 4
Mass Effect lim ed
Halo 3 lim ed
Gears of War Lim ed
Gears 2 lim ed
Fable 2 lim ed
Fallout 3 lim ed

Might have a couple more somewhere too :)

Oh and Arcade wise
Street Fighter 2 HD
Bomberman Live

And a few others


Must be dreaming...
Here's some of my own suggestions which will most likely intersect with others and please ignore the ones you already have.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Dead Rising
Fallout 3
Grand Theft Auto 4
Gears of War
Gears of War 2
Halo 3
Left 4 Dead
Mass Effect
Street Fighter IV
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Shamus MacNoob

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Here is my list of 360 games

Rock Band
Guitar Hero 2 and 3
Mass Effect
Tiger Woods 08
Fight Night 3
Left 4 Dead
Assassins Creed
Dead Raising
Lost Planet
Smackdown vs Raw07
Ninety Nine nights
Far Cry instincts
Rainbow Six vegas
Arcade Live Unplugged


Secret Goat Fetish
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some others to buy:
The Orange Box, cant beat Portal :D
Tomb Raider
Far Cry

i would highly recomend downloading lots of demo games to try ;)
I thought Lost Odyssey was great :)
It was, it's just a shame the devs couldn't have expanded their color pallet past various shades of brown, it did have a more compelling story then any of the more childish recent releases.

Though I am still amazed at how much I enjoyed Eternal Sonata even though I felt the game was talking down to me the entire time lol.

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