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300% increase!!? Anyone tried this?



Teddy, give it a try and let us know if it actually improved performance or just messed up your system...


i downloaded it and ran the speed improvement wizard test/benchmark thing and it said a 129% increase... so i'm guessing it works, but my computer doesn't feel any faster...


its only fun
I d/loaded it and got a 124% increase, and my p.c. seems faster in loading and closing applications, word, Xl and the likes.

I will leave it running for the 30 free tries and see how it goes and let you all know.


I think the "feels like" is as important as benchmarks.

Benchmarks are merely numbers. Unless there is a real big jump in the numbers it doesn't really make any difference in day to day life.

I've run benchmarks after overclocking, and it feels good to see larger numbers, but there is nothing more to it than that.

Higher benchmarks scores and the "feels like", together determine whether the software works or not. Anyways, if any of you really feel a difference, give us a heads up. I wouldn't mind a nice performance boost (although I doubt it) :)


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So after the 30 uses then what? ... Melt down? Goes into super slow mode??? :p

Or ya actually gotta spend money on the Dammmnnn thing? :D


Umm, I installed it and it said 122% increase, then I disabled it and ran the compare speed thing again and it again said 122% increase even though it was no loger "Optimizing" my system.
Oh I "feel like" it's a hundred in here, but I just looked at the temp and it's only 70, hmmmmmm guess "feels like" really does hold true


Perris Calderon

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well, this is a scam...there is no such thing as ram defrag, and this site is trying to use the term in a sentence, as if everyone should know about it...it doesn't exist...

these companys realize people already know ram optimzers ruin the performance of xp, so they came up with this neet trick to try to get more play on their product...ram defrag is marleting speek for ram optimizer...counter productive in this os

I wouldn't spend the effort on a download, and then worry about an over clock (which it looks like this program might actually try to perform), going awry


Hi All,

I use Daschund's Battery Doubler on my laptop and can vouch for it's improvements. When it isn't running I get around 2 hours usage out of my battery but with the doubler running I get between 3 and 3 1/2 hours usage. I know it's not quite double but that extra hour or so comes in handy.

Can't really say much about their other software although I did try Hare for a while and didn't see any major improvements.

Catch you all later,


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It's gonna be a very rare occasion that anyone gets anything close to or over 200%.

The Software Mfg will use the 300% mark cause someone got that... So now they can use it as a Sales ploy.
You probably will see 7 out of 10 users get 100% to 120%. Maybe 1 or 2 out of 100 get 130% or slightly better. Very rare if you get to or upwards of 200%.

So you do the math... And sometimes the tweaks it does to optimise the system can cause the system to become unstable.


Doesn't Make any different

I tried it a while back and did some tests in UT2003 - FPS didn't change AT ALL - they stayed the same with HARE running - then reset without HARE same numbers. I wouldn't waste the time on this one.


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Now maybe some of the really good System Tweaks that actually make a difference come on after you actually pay for it. Who knows...


This probably is just spyware...

Anyone who installed this scan with Ad-Aware...all these third party utilities that promise a lot of useful stuff, really just have a bunch of spyware or other useless crap.

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