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3 year old kids + gaming

i have a cousin who has his 3 year olds gaming. these kids play mario64 and zelda64. my son is almost 3 and i wouldnt think to have him play games. i have read a few articles that it increases their hand eye coordination, and gives them rapid eye movement - which can be beneficial. i see it as a way to lead them in to a life of illiteratecy and a rude behavior. i guess if you supervise and limit their game time you can lead them to a healthy gaming life. i'm not sure what i think yet.

what are your thoughts on kids and gaming?


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As long is doesent keep them from being anti-social. and couch potatos.

Gaming is great, but with moderation.


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But watch what they are playing. I have a few educational games at home, I wouldn't have a problem letting a kid play.

Uncharted Waters 1,2
Civ 2,3

But yes to limiting game time.


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I played video games when I was 3

Beat super mario for SNES when I was 4 or 5

I hardly even play games anymore actually

Just limit there play and go from there
limit their time and play the games yourself for you let your kid(s) play them, if you're not happy with the game dont let your kids play them. Simple really.

If you make it taboo you'll only ecourage them to rebel (yes even at 3/4) :)


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I think it can, to an extent, bring people together. At that age, although they have short attention spans, kids tend to bond over things that they have similar interests with. Alternatively, as you mentioned, it can stimulate brain activity, hand/eye coordination, and perhaps even a competitive spirit.

Moderation is the key.

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