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3-way SLI power issues


Smokin & Jokin
Hello all once again.
I've just invested in a third 280 gtx but much to my dissapointment, my Coolermaster 850w PSU lacks a third 8pin pcie plug.
Before anyone asks, I've tried using the adapters (molex to 6pin, etc) bundled with the card and they did not work.
I don't want to fork out for another PSU.

I have found something interesting though and I was wondering if anybody here has dealt with these devices.

Thermaltake ToughPower Power Express W0157 - Video card: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo


Smokin & Jokin
After alot of switching plugs around, I fixed my power issue.
Turns out the adapters are compatible with my BFG card, but not my XFX's. Weird, I thought all 280's were exactly the same.:suprised:
I now have 3x 280 gtx's running on an 850w PSU!


Smokin & Jokin
Its running ok now, boots into windows, etc. I've had a couple of random hardware malfunction BSOD's.
I think I may have to upgrade my PSU at some point, this setup is pushing the 850w to the limit!

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