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1. I have a 700mb avi file in the "my music" folder which i cannot delete, i've restarted and tried it but no, tried in safe mode...no, it says something is already using it but it's not!

2. I have a new hardware detected thing pop up everytime i switch the comp on, it's something to do with a SCSI/RAID host which i don't have...

3. there's a safely remove hardware icon in the system tray which i cannot get rid of, i've clicked it before and it disconnects me from the internet, something to do with alcatel PPP something or other

Sorry for not being able to explain it properly and not know what i'm talking about, i have no idea how to stop all this happening any help would be much appreciated :)


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Deleting files - Access Denied Error

Explorer.exe in XP has a bad habit of wanting to hang on to files, even when you have finished using them - therefore when you try to delete the file, XP will say "Access Denied".
This error occurs more often when working with media files - mp3, avi, mpeg etc.
Close all open applications.
Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory with the offending files.
Then open the Task Manager and click on the Processes tab. select "explorer.exe" under Image Name. Click "End Process".
That will leave you with only the command prompt and the task manager running.
Now at the Command Prompt, its time to delete the file(s). Using the DEL command. Example c:>\movies\DEL movie.avi
Now the files are deleted, go to the task manager and click on the Applications tab. Click the "New Task" button. in the dialog, type explorer.exe and click OK.


Unable to Delete AVI Fix.

Open regedit and go to:
Delete the value you find there.

that will sort out ya 1st prob. sounds like 2 +3 are conected :huh:


Let Windows install whatever drivers it thinks it needs for SCSI/Raid (after creating a restore point of course). This may solve both problems listed in 2 & 3. The worst will happen is you will need to utilize the restore point you created (you did create a restore point right?). #1 was already answered.


To N°3: Are you using an USB DSL-modem? The safely remove hardware icon is related to it. No way to get rid of it. Only thing you can do is hiding it. Right click taskbar - properties - check 'hide inactive icons', then click customize and choose 'always hide' for the icon.


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the safely remove Hardware icon aparently cannot be deleted from the taskbar.. i also have this icon on my taskbar.. it comes up with most USB connected Devices which in my case is my network adapter.

I supose you could say it is anoying but there is a slight solution for this icon, have it as always hidden on the 'hide inactive icons' by right clicking the start menu and then going onto the Taskbar tab, click customize at the bottom and then tick what you want to always hide which in your case is the safely remove hardware icon.

I used to have it also with my Alcatel PPP (your ADSL modem). But the icon is nothing to worry about.. its normal just anoying if you dont want many icons on your taskbar. I like to keep mine alittle full so i keep my icons on view including the safely remove hardware, i didnt use to though but now that ive explaned my taskbar, it looks silly without a couple of icons there :p.. but i hope my solution helps you alittle

As for the file deleting AVI problem, i also had the same problem and i closed all programs possible and i even tried moving the file around my computer for example dragged it to my desktop and then deleted it. I cant really remember what i did do to manage to delete the file but it was something along the lines of moving and closing all the programs possible. Also, try this.. leave the file hi-lighted for a min or two and then try deleting it.. ie. click on the icon of the avi file once then leave the computer for a minute or two then right hand click and delete it. Ive noticed it does something to do with Thumbnailing or something. Hope some of these ideas will help you

I dont really understand about the hardware detected thing pop up, i havent experienced anything like that before

Hope my ideas help you

Sincerly Alex :cool:


the retarded one
thanks everyone, i'll go and try them all now, i did the hiding the icon thing but i have others hidden aswell and i still click it sometimes by accident... :rolleyes:


Originally posted by macromp
thanks everyone, i'll go and try them all now, i did the hiding the icon thing but i have others hidden aswell and i still click it sometimes by accident... :rolleyes:
You could use something like SysTrayX or PS Tray Factory to completely hide it, with the added bonus of being able to replace systray icons after an explorer.exe crash.


the retarded one
thanks so much henyman, i deleted the registry thing and it went straight away! i'll try the others when i can be bothered to restart me comp :) thanks again all

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For the device that want to keep loading at startup go to the device manager. You should find it in there with an exclamation. Right click/disable.


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A simple solution to number 1, for those who don't want to do the registry thing, is to open a different media file, then you can delete the offending file. This always worked for me, but I've since changed the registry.

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