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7 Oct 2004
I'm looking for some kind of storage under $1000.00 i'd ideally like it to be 2tb plus in size and it must have an rj45 10/100/1000 port.

Any ideas?

not rack.
Indeed, and I need to get an additional device soon. Very fast and great product, also love the software!
Yea I also need more space, running out of space on my to 80gb harddrives.
Yea I also need more space, running out of space on my to 80gb harddrives.
Running out of space on 80GB is a little different than running out on a 1TB disk mate ;)
well actually i'm running out of space on my 6tb nas
What the heck? What kind of crazy, uncompressed pr0n do you have on your drives?
dunno.. I just implemented an EMC SAN at work w/11.5TB of raw storage.. but that may be a little out of your price range.. ;) :p

If you have a box laying around that can stuff enough drives into, you could look at using something like OpenFiler or FreeNAS to build your own SAN (or NAS) device. Each supports Software RAID if you don't want to spring for a hardware RAID controller. Get yourself 4 - 750GB SATA drives, pop it into a RAID 5 array and you get 2.25TB..
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i actually have a $6k nas laying around that has no drives in it, i'm pricing it out now.

sazar, you have no idea just how close to the truth you are haha.
11.5TB SAN... hmm.

We have 2 7.5TB EMC san units at work and are waiting for a few more to arrive I believe :)
You guys are nuts, have you ever heard of DVD's? Burn the pron and games or whatever and leave the other stuff on your HD.
Just for fun.. some pictures of 11.5 TB:

The top shelf is a set of 15x500GB SATA Drives,
The two shelves beneath it are each 15x136GB FC Drives

And the back..

edit: sorry.. I know I totally hijacked this thread.. :ninja:
To get back on topic.. I guess the question really is, if you just need storage, why not just grab a PC and stuff it with drives and do file sharing?
without going into too many details, this isn't a small request, i think we are up to about 36tb's of storage right now, i just need some kind of large storage to use as a swap space, i regularly swap about 2tb's a week of data.
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