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2gig hdd?? i have 20!

so i formatted my hdd and now all of the sudden i have 2 gigs instead of 20, i figure that i didnt partion the whole drive or whatever.. how can i make it 1 big drive?

ntfs not fat32

ps, i have 319 megabites left, so small programs are welcomed suggestions. or if i can just do it with the WinXP stuff, thats very welcome!
device manager tells me i have

Volume Capacity
C 2047

it also says...

Unallocated Space: 17422
Partion Style: Master Boot Record
Reserved Space: 0MB
did you use fdisk to create the partition?
if so, did you reboot after deleting the old partition?
did you reboot after creating the new partition?
did you format it as fat32 (to later format it during xp install as ntfs) before rebooting after creating the partition?

those kinda things can cause problems.
i formated to Fat32, installed Win98 SE, then installed XP.. XP asked if i wanted to start a new drive, and i told it to copy over the previous files.


what os did u use??
if xp just go to com management and allocated back ur space...
if u want to combine all to 1 partition only just use partition magic..... it's simple

or use fdisk.... wipe out all..... then repartition
Since the current usable space on the drive is so small, you could copy whatever data is on it to another drive. Then use computer management to delete all partitions and create new one(s) for whatever size you want. Then move the data back.

Or, you could just create a partition in the unallocated space so you'll have one 2GB partition and one 17GB partition.
I think you accidentaly made a FAT16 partition and not a FAT32 one. FAT16 is maximum 2048 MB. If you reinstall XP, don't use fdisk. Just chuck in the XP CD and let it handle it.

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