256 + 512 Ddr = F*cked?


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Sorry about the titles, but this problems is starting to get me very angry!:mad:

I had 256 MB of DDR 2100, no name brand because I brought it at a computer show. The next computer show my friend brought me at 512 MB DDR 2100 (Because I couldn't go, also no name, however labeled differently from the 256) However I got a surprise when I put it in. These are the possible outcomes I would get after physically fiddling around the two RAMS. (1) At startup It would give me a really weird number, or ignore one of the pieces of ram. For instance, 256mb, 512mb, or even sometimes a correct number (768mb) (B) [This happend everytime] When Windows would load it would say the Ntfs.sys is f*cked (But it isn't because I take on of the pieces of RAM out, and it loads fine)

I can't figure out what is wrong!!!!


BTW: I got a K7S5A motherboard.


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Yes, both sticks work fine when they are alone.
Infact, right now I am using the *new* stick, the 512mb.

More suggestions?:(

ummm, your proabbly not gonna like my suggestion's but you asked for them :blink: ......

i)get a new MOBO!!! ECS k7s5a is the problem, and dont say it isnt unless you owned one, like myslef
ii)you can get one stick of ram (NOT GENERIC),
iii) dont ever buy a stick of generic ram unless you wanna go thru this again,
iv) check your ram timings in your BIOS, it might help




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Try setting your CAS in BIOS to 2.5 from 2. Cheapie ram can stumble at the faster latency (or mine does!!) I can boot but can't get into windows at 2, but at 2.5 no probs. Hey if you ask me the extra 256 will help you more than the lower CAS.

worth a shot



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one stick just prolly doesn't like the other I remember I had a stick of OCZ 2400 that just would not get along with two other sticks of DELL ram so I tossed the dell ram :) I also had a stick of ram that was rated at 2100 but wouldn't work at 133x2 only at 100x2 if it was at 133 I would get that same NTFS.sys crash u are getting. so if your running a 266FSB cpu that might be the problem I just put that stick in with a duron system that runs at 200fsb. anyway hope this helps if not sorry hope it wasn't expensive :huh:


also some boards don't like Ram is Slots 1 and 2...but will work in slots 1 and 3.....and the suggestion of the CAS LAT from 2.0 to 2.5 is a good one too.