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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by American Zombie, Nov 21, 2010.

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    That's an excellent article, I really enjoyed reading that! Sad to see how negative they were about Vista though - once SP1 had bedded in, Vista was solid as a rock.
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    Who wasn't negative about Vista though? It was a very bad move by MS releasing a product that wasn't ready, just to get something out the door. I think it will probably end up going down in the books as being like Windows ME v2 (bad idea).

    I've been using Windows since 2[.11] and I think Vista and 7 are both a step backwards, but that is only my opinion. Some people seem to love it though (I consider Vista a 7 beta].

    I really hope Microsoft goes back to the drawing board hard for Windows 8 (or whatever they'll call it), or they run the risk of becoming irrelevant IMHO. It's already happened in handsets. The market needs Microsoft though to help push others to innovate, though it seems Apple is the new Microsoft these days.
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    You would have thought they would learn from ME before releasing Vista. The thing with Vista was mostly because the hardware and software companies didn't want to part with their beloved XP. Personally, I think Vista is one of the best OS's they released. I never had an issue with it. I still believe that Windows 7 is Vista SP3 with a different name and some minor upgrades ...
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    Hmm. I always had issues with Vista on my system. But a few people I know didn't have issues which made it weird. Yet, since day 1 for me, Win 7 worked well. I'm thinking it was because of my launch at time and SP1 was no where in sight yet.

    As to the article, I too loved it!
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    I was born on the same day as windows? o.0