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2006 International CES: January 5-8 2006


Act your wage.
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The International Consumer Electronics Show starts tomorrow in Las Vegas. It will be exciting to see the new offerings unveiled there. This thread can be a good resource for what all is presented there.

Some expectations so far:

  • The cPC from DualCor Technologies, a full-fledged handheld Windows XP computer that also comes with a built-in smart phone that runs Windows Mobile 5.0. The cPC is 6.5 inches long, 3.3 inches wide, 1.2 inches thick and has a 5-inch diagonal screen. Its battery lasts long enough to let users run applications simultaneously for eight hours or more.
  • LG will introduce 10 new plasma TVs, four of which come with built-in 160GB digital video recorders. It will also debut 20 LCD televisions, three of which come with integrated digital video recorders, and six rear-projection TVs that run on liquid crystal on silicon, or LCOS, chips. Two of these rear-projection TVs come with integrated DVRs. LG is also showing off a Blu-ray disc player coming in the second quarter.
  • Samsung will display its long-awaited 82-inch diagonal LCD television. Samsung is expected to talk up its carbon nanotube TV at the show; it will come to the market later in 2006 or early next year. The nanotube TVs have the higher picture quality of traditional CRT, or cathode-ray tube, televisions but are slim like LCD TVs. In addition, the company will unfurl its first Blu-ray recorders.
  • HP, which is in the midst of a turnaround that includes improving the performance of its business units, is introducing nine high-definition TVs, seven digital cameras that offer more features in a scaled-down camera body, four consumer notebooks and a digital-entertainment desktop.
  • Skype is announcing several new products developed through partnerships with consumer electronics manufacturers to make it easier for people to use its Internet phone service. It is also announcing a new service launching with Kodak that combines live voice conversations and photo sharing.
  • Cornice, the hard-drive maker, will show off what it calls the market's smallest hard drive. Upgrades to Cornice's Dragon series feature 8GB and 10GB of storage, up from 4GB and 6GB, and have slimmed down to the size of a book of matches, the company said.
  • The Blu-Ray group is expected to announce launch plans.
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I'm sorry Hal...
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Was very exciting, loads of cool new technologies. Some of the vista stuff we've seen before but there was some new bits. I loved the section on MC and HDDVD. great stuff


Act your wage.
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I haven't watched the keynote yet. How long does it last? I'm considering whether I'll have time at work to watch it.

Electronic Punk

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hard to get online here, believe it or not!
Taking lots of photos and will try and write stuff down when I am relaxing in the hotel and not drunk.

Sat at the MS booth atm and will be actually on the stand tomorrow, doing some x64 interviews later on today as well.

Currently I am both up on the slot machines and about $50 up on the blackjack tables - mgm is great.
Khayman said:
Was very exciting, loads of cool new technologies. Some of the vista stuff we've seen before but there was some new bits. I loved the section on MC and HDDVD. great stuff
Yeah, I think the MCE and HD DVD presentations were my favorite parts too.
And of course, the futuristic stuf that BillG played with right at the beginning. :D

Electronic Punk

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Bah, no internet access - its what you get for staying in an appartment rather than a hotel.

Currently sat at Starbucks in New York New York and will be getting the monorail over to teh convention centre soon.

Will most likely have to do a report, but there will be lots of photos.

Lost $40 in the Venetian last night, will stick to gambling in the MGM I think, the people are much friendlier.

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