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2003 Excel Time Query


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I am trying to create a list of dates consisting of every Tuesday and Friday for a period of three months, have tried Autofill but cannot get it to work!!
is there a better way?



In the beginning......
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Excel stores dates as a number, so many days past 1st Jan 1980 I believe, so number 10 will be 10 Jan 1980 etc.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Create two columns one with the date only in it (eg 09/06/2005 or whatever) Then one next to it with the day (eg Thursday). If you just enter the first date and day you can then drag them down to however long you want.

put a title on each column, then go to autofilter.
next click on the days column filter and select custom, then enter select equals in the top box and enter Tuesday in the box nex to it, then on the bottom 2 select the "or" button and select equals and enter Friday in the other box.

Worked for me


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What Khayman said is the proper way to do it. Just highlight the column first and format the cells so the date shows as you want it, no need to work out the excel number for the date!


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Thank you all for your replies the last one did it. Once again proving the benefits of this forum
once again many thanks

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