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2 monitor issues/questions



Ok first off. I have a 17 inch monitor about 4-5 years old. It was from gateway and is a vivitron 700 model if that means anything to anyone.
Problem one: I don't know if this is a driver issue or what, but whenever I run a game, or something that switches to full screen mode and am running in 32 bit mode, I get these strange lines that go across the screen, more like lines where nothing is projected and not actual lines. Similar to when you have your refresh rate set way too low or something, but I don't think that it is a refresh rate issue. I have a Geforce 3 and have been running the newest official drivers but have had this issue with other drivers also.

Problem 2: whenever I completely shut down my computer for a while and then boot it up, I get all kinds of crazy lines all over the place for a couple minutes until it warms up. Is this a sign the monitor is going bad or something else? It does appear to be worse when it is colder outside, since my monitor is very close to a window and my house is cool in general. Thanks for the help
It could definitely be a monitor problem. Also is your videoboard overclocked in anyway? sometimes high memory timings can cause the lines your described..but if it's not that, then you might try hooking another monitor up and see if you get the same problem.


video card not overclocked, unless...

it was done by the company that built my computer. My computer is an alienware system, I am pretty sure I would have seen somewhere if they had overclocked the card. its probably the monitor. But I don't understand why it doesn't like 32 bit. It doesn't have a problem when I run my desktop at 32 bit.

Also, what do you think about buying an LCD. Been thinking that will be my next monitor, but not sure how the performance is for DVDs and games. Thanks for help


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Flat monitors are just fine unless you're viewing them from a funny angle (view from above, too bright. View from below, too dark. View from the sides, inverse colours).

I'm using my laptop display right now and I prefer it to my old 15" - very very sharp image.

No problems with games or DVD playing, the only thing you have to be aware of is that flat monitors perform best at their max resolution... mine's 1024x768 res, setting it to anything lower results in the graphics going a lil wierd but still easily veiwable. The picture just doesn't scale as well as it does with a tube monitor unless the resolution you use is say, half the maximum (512x324 for me) in which case you'll just see the normal pixellation. Also, setting it to a resolution higher than it's max will most likely result in scrollable desktop being enabled ;)

Other disadvantage is that you get less screen size for your money, even though they are flat and look cool and ppl say "ooh a flat-screen monitor!" when they see it :D

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