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2 Medal Of Honor:Allied Assault Questions...

Hi...I recently bought the MOHAA War Chest version and tried to install the 1.11 patch but as it tried to install it said it cannot find a MOHAA installation...Am I correct in thinking that the version in War Chest IS 1.11 hence the installation problem?

Also I read somewhere that there is a NO-CD patch for the game...is this safe to install?

Many thanks from Colin. :)

Electronic Punk

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I would guess it is already as it is quite recent and there hasn't been any patches for a while.

Run the game and bring down the console, quake games usually have their version in the bottom right...

Or perhaps even while loading?

If you can connect to an online game chances asre that you are alright.

CD patches, they might work, more likely for singleplayer, multiplayer varies.
If you install either of the expansions, it patches the original to 1.11, sorry I can't be more helpful, I'm unsure as to what the War Chest version contains.

And I use no-cd patches for all my games, except Diablo 2 LOD, (it's so much easier than finding the disks everytime), and I've never had a problem.

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