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On a sunny day, a farmer and a priest were hunting in the forest. After some time a bird flew up, the farmer took aim and shot. "Goddamn, missed!" he shouted. The priest said "Don't curse or God will punish you!"

Later on the farmer saw a rabbit, shot and missed again. "Goddamn, missed!" he shouted again. The priest repeated his warning: "Don't curse, I warned you, God will punish you!"

The farmer turned out to be a lousy shot, missed a clear one at a deer and again shouted "Goddamn, missed!" The Priest said "I've warned you two times already, God will punish you!"

Suddenly lightning struck and killed the Priest. The farmer looked shocked, and heard a thundering voice from up above: "Goddamn, missed!"

:crosseyed: Tricky, translating a joke, hope it came out ok :crosseyed:

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All good still mate?
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