2 Graphics Cards in 1 Computer?


To whom it may concern
22 Jun 2002
Is it possible to run a AGP Graphics Card (in my case a ATI 9700 Pro) and a TV Tuner Card? I am really interested in a HTPC, but don't have the money to build a seperate PC at the moment.
Yes, I have both installed right now. I have an NVidia in my AGP slot which is the graphics for my display, and then I have an ATI TV Tuner card in a PCI slot that I use whenever I feel like it. Should work fine. :)
YEP, is it a tuner card or a actual graphic card???? like an all in wounder or something?
I dont see why not lol. I mean a tv tuner card is pci last I checked and has nothing to do with the graphics card. I have a ati all in wonder 9700 pro and I am able to have a tv tuner in addition to what the card already brings. So I hope that answers your question
Geez you guys are quick in replys lol. I was like oo a lonely post to reply to. And as soon as I finish hitting the submit button..BOOM 3 some replys already.
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