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2 domains one hosting account


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Hi guys, (might be the wrong place subforum)
I have two domains and one webhosting service. The server is a linux based and through 1and1.

I want to set up a blog for me and a design site for my wife. is this possible from one web package?

I'm guessing it should be I'm just going to have to tie each domain to a different database.

Any help would be appreciated and I may b e throwing out some ideas for a template for the websites that I can design but I cannot do CSS and web coding. (Just ask GMaster!! Thanks again)

I would like to use original theme so if someone here does it I could have their name on it.
Depends how many domains your account lets you host.

I'm not familiar with 1&1's hosting control panel so thats about as useful as I'm going to be :)


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I will find more information after the conference call I'm on :) is over. I doubt they would offer two domains with their package if you could create two websites...but I will post more.


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You should be fine. If the domain names have already been registered (and they aren't with 1and1) you are allowed up to 25 domain names on the cheapest service they offer. It's unlimited domain names if you register the domain names with 1and1.

I'm using two different domain names right now with my account at 1and1.

And yeah, if you want to use blog software like Wordpress, you'll probably want to make two seperate MySQL databases.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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sweet. Thanks Gmaster. I'm going to get started with this sometime in the next few weeks. but time and my job don't mix too well. I'm killed from the 1st to the 15th of every month so this it will probably be after that.


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They may even have an auto-installer for WordPress too, but make sure you upgrade after that. I used to be a 1and1 guy, but they suck so I moved on.

Sherweb FTW!!!


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