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2 Dell Optiplex PCs arrived


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Picked up two Dell Optiplex PCs off eBay a little over a week ago and they just arrived today. :)

Hooked the first up, booted just fine, installed Windows 2000 Server on it, and surprisingly enough no hiccups--though I did do it by my MCSE 70-215 walkthrough instructions. Hooked up the second to install Windows 2000 Professional, and it hung on the Dell bios loading page. Had to turn the machine off, and it did it again. On the third try I got an error message stating that it failed to load the Checkpoint [Krst]. Interesting....never owned a Dell made pc so will have to do some investigating.

Hopefully all will be well and I'll get my dev setup and working and maybe load Azureus and Folding@Home so they're not just sitting there when I'm not working.


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Are they the ones with the small mini-tower cases? We have got them at work and they look cool with their flat lcd monitors! :)


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Here's a pic of them...stackable and everything. ;)

I have a question (probably should start a new thread)...
Upstairs I have the linksys router setup as our main pc is upstairs. However, my 2 Dells are now in the office downstairs with the wife's PC. We already have one ethernet cable running upstairs just in plain sight because drilling would have been a massive disaster thanks to how this house was setup (slab floor no access to office from the attic). Also, the router has nearly all it's ports taken so I would need some other arrangement no matter what. Can I successfully hook up a hub in the office and run the 3 pcs into the hub and then run the hub cable upstairs to one of the router ports? I'm not worried about pipeline of the 3 pcs because I'm only going to be using one for the net really, the others will simply be my dev machines and run F@H.

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