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2.8TB in a PowerMac G5


I may actually be insane.
From Slashdot:
Pfhreak writes "Bare Feats has a couple of reviews: one of WiebeTech's G5Jam, and one of the Swift Data 200. Both add extra drive space to a G5. The G5Jam puts two extra drives in the space that would be taken up by long PCI cards, so you'll be limited to the shorter cards in two of the three PCI slots. The Swift Data puts three drives in the space in front of the CPU fans. The writer of the Swift review has an interesting thought in the conclusion: 'Hey! Maybe I could install both the G5Jam and the Swift -- that would give me 7 drives -- and if I get seven 400GB Hitachi 7K400s, that's 2.8 Terabyte total -- Moo hah hah!'"
Swift Data 2000

Madness :D


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7 hard drves; my word, and I thought two was enough. Wouldn't that create sound and heat issues?

Still, very appealing especially if it's in a G5 tower :D
i got 14 hdds in my server 12 120's and a 320 and a 40, LOL almost full too, you can never have enough storage you just need the power to use it like 2 enermax 420's
Damn! I have a 30GB drive on my laptop. Anything huge gets burned to CD. I've managed to start filling up this drive only after setting up a dual boot system with XP Pro and Slackware 9.1, and PearPC running Mac OS X 10.3
There's no way I could get close to using even 1TB of space, unless I never deleted anything (sounds like the Gmail concept =P)
heh, my 8gig is almost full of my junk and downloads. My 120 is begging for more data with 100.82Gb free spce over 3 partions..

I dont seriousluy think I could use all that space at the moment


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We have always thought that whatever amount of HDD space we had, it was way more than we would ever need. Then we went out and upgraded to larger HDD. Why? Because that enormous drive is now full. We started way back when with 80MB/100MB drives. We evolved to 20GB/40GB drives, then 100GB and 200GB. Every time we said the saaaaame thing, "I'll never use all that space". But we are natural "pack rats". We download a gazillion things and we throw out nothing. We install another gazillion and when the computer starts to bog down then we reformat and the vicious cycle starts again. :D

There is no such thing as enough HDD space. It's a myth. :p


I may actually be insane.
Hehe, so true. My HDD history goes something like
600mb -> 2.1GB -> 30GB -> 40GB -> 60GB (40+20) -> 140GB (120+20) -> 80GB -> 200GB (80+120).

I harvest too much crap though, I could easily clear a lot off stuff out and have MUCH more free space (Do I really need UT2004 taking 5GB? :p), I remember thinking I'd never fll that 2.1GB drive back in the day, heh.


I may actually be insane.
I wouldn't waste your money.
You could get an External USB2.0/FireWire drive for that, and use it with future notebooks and desktops.

If you must though, there are plenty of guides (such as this) around the net on how to slap a new hdd in there.


I may actually be insane.
Aah yes, but we all say we'll never fill our existing drives, I remember thinking a friends 2.1GB drive was over-kill... then we filled it ;p


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Weellll, give it a few more weeks...well...month or something. Then, hopefully, I'll be starting my TV & Video Tech' course, so you know, we'll see :)

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