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137gb cap on 200gb drive


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Ok, I'm aware that there is a cap on the limits of drives, and there are ways around it...

Now, I've done just about everything I possibly could, at least I think I did, in order to fix the issue. My steps include:

  • My motherboard is the Asus A7V333, I believe Award Bios... I updated that correctly, it was updated in May. It should handle the 48bit support...
  • I have already gone through and done the entire Windows Update, I don't think there's anything else I can do with that.
  • I updated my VIA Drivers, just as a precautionary measure because I couldn't think of anything else
  • I also created the registry key "EnableBigLba" in the appropriate registry key.

I still am having no luck... is there anything else I'm missing? I haven't seen anything that says / doesn't say that my BIOS doesnt' handle 48bit LBA, has someone else had this same issue with a similar board?


Somewhat eXPerienced
Damn, still a no go. Yeah I saw that, but I read it more in detail since I'm not tired... I did go and update Atapi, because that wasn't up to date. The registry DWORD value of EnableBigLba is already set to 1 in that key. I also reupdated my BIOS, still a no go.
The 137GB cap is a pain in the ass. I remember seeing a registry tweak that fixes it, which isnt the one provided by microsoft. Ill look for it.


Somewhat eXPerienced
Yep, XP SP1 is in fact installed. See if you can find that registry tweak for me... See, now there's an issue I came acrossed on my other forums. Someone had me go to the Disk Management and do a rescan of my disks... now, there was something there regardless of that: the other 50 some odd GB... the issue though is that it's on unpartitioned space...

Now when I try to install Windows, no matter what I do it won't find the other 50 GB, but while INSIDE Windows it picks it up as unpartitioned space. *Sighs*
ok i am not too sure if this is possable (dont know too much in this field) but cant you just creat 2 partitions of like 100gb on that 200gb drive??? or is it the physical hardware?
Try Partition Magic and resize your partition so that 50 GB on the end of the drive is gone, it'll be because the Windows setup program doesn't have the >137GB compatibility

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