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128x128 Icons



I know this entire process is possible my problem is finding out how to do so. I have done it before and cannot remember the program's name.

I am currently working on converting my BORING desktop to something more, fun, I guess. I want to show my desktop icons in a "title" effect or 128x128 icons. I do not want any of my other folders to reflect this change, just my desktop. I guess the feature I am looking for is "use LARGE icons" in Win98. Again, this setting changes the entire windows environment I want this to change just my desktop.

Does anyone know the programs name that I speak of (it's an option within a tweak program) or a registry setting that I can modify?


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right click your desktop, select properites. click appearence tab. click effects button and put a check mark in the use large icons box


This will change the icons everywhere not only on the desktop. To get 128x128 sized icons you have to modify first the registry by changing the value for Shell Icon Size at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\desktop\WindowMetrics to 128.
Don't know how or even whether it is possible to change it only for the desktop.


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Its not possible without the use of an extra program like Object Desktop. But I dont recommend it as it is a huge resource hog.

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